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Meet the Sharks of the USVI

Explore a list and description of the different shark species you can expect to see during a trip with the United States Virgin Islands Shark Diving team!

Tiger Sharks

Caribbean Reef Sharks

Great Hammerheads

An image of a large and powerful tiger shark with a underwater camerman close by it on a USVI Shark Diving charter.

Wastebasket of the Sea

Tiger Sharks

The Tiger Shark is one of the ocean’s most impressive predators. The Tiger Shark is a large shark species that can grow to lengths of 18-20 feet and have been recorded weighing over 3,000 pounds. Their unmistakable stripes make it easy to spot a Tiger with distinctive markings along the side of its body and fins. Tiger sharks are a very versatile species that can be found in a variety of locations throughout the ocean, including in shallow and deep waters alike. While these sharks often approach with caution, the Tiger is capable of high-speed acceleration and aggressive behavior. Tiger sharks are known for their large appetite and regularly eat a large variety of natural prey including other fish, whales, and even birds!

An image of a Caribbean Reef Shark in the waters off of the USVI.

Pack Hunters

Caribbean Reef Sharks

Reef sharks are prevalent throughout the Virgin Islands. As quick and agile predators, this species occupies both shallow and deeper reef eco-systems throughout the islands. Reef sharks are known to be effective pack hunters, with large collections of them showing up on reefs to hunt and scavenge for a variety of reef delicacies. Reef sharks can be skittish and easily spooked but will quickly become aggressive if provoked or if there is a bait/food source nearby. Reef sharks are a smaller shark species with lengths in the four to eight-foot range, reaching up to roughly 600 pounds at their mature size.

An image of a great hammerhead in the blue waters of the USVI.

Awe-inspiring Power

Great Hammerheads

The Great Hammerhead is the largest species of hammerhead shark varieties. With average lengths in the 15-foot range, this impressive shark species can top out at lengths beyond 20 feet. The Great hammerhead is found throughout warm and tropical waters throughout the world, especially in coastal areas that have a continental shelf. The great hammerhead is primarily a solitary hunter, feeding on other fish, crustaceans, and their favorite food, stingray. The great hammerhead can be curious around divers, and like any shark species, should be treated respectfully in the water. We love getting the chance to show our visitors this impressive and awe-inspiring shark species on our dive trips!

An image of a Blacktip Shark in the clear blue waters of the USVI.

Playful Reef Sharks

Blacktip Sharks

Blacktip sharks are smaller sharks that hunt mainly inshore reefs and waterways of the Virgin Islands. These fast sharks are capable of quick bursts of speed and the ability to break the surface of the ocean when hunting for its prey in their natural habitats. The blacktip is generally smaller than other shark species, coming in around 5-6 feet on average. 

An image of a nurse shark in the shallow water of the US Virgin Islands.

Peaceful Bottom-dwellers

Nurse Sharks

Nurse sharks are peaceful bottom-dwelling sharks that live on and among the coral reed systems within tropical waters.  The nurse shark is relatively docile and poses no threat to human beings unless seriously provoked. This shark species feeds via an incredibly powerful suction system that allows it to extract fish from reef systems. 

Let’s get you Up-Close & Personal with the Sharks of the USVI

The US Virgin Islands are home to some of the best shark diving in the World! St. Thomas and St. John are surrounded by beautiful Caribbean waters and a number of shark species. USVI Shark Diving is committed to bringing our guests into these waters for a world class, informative, and safe US Virgin Islands shark diving experience!

An image of a shark up close and personal with an underwater cameraman in the waters of the Caribbean.

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